Loss of my only daughter youngest of 3

Discussion in 'Loss of Adult Child' started by Dolores Duffy, Dec 18, 2018.

  1. Dolores Duffy

    Dolores Duffy New Member

    I lost my 37 yr old daughter 3 months ago after a9 month battle with inoperable brain cancer. I was her caregiver she left behind 3 little girls. There is a gigantic hole in my heart. Missing her so much.
  2. Sciguy

    Sciguy Well-Known Member

    Sorry about your daughter. I hope this site will help you.
  3. Hania Rayyan

    Hania Rayyan New Member

    Hello Doloris,
    Your story is touching. I can imagine how you feel.
    I lost my mom two and a half years ago, and ever since then, life has never been the life I used to know. I lost the center of my life.
    I am married and have three kids. I am independent, but I miss having a mom.
    I live in Israel, I am palestinian, am 44.

    I also would like to be there for you,because I used to bring joy to my mom and put a smile on her face. I want to make you smile.