loss of my daugter

Discussion in 'Loss of Adult Child' started by Marjorie Moore, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. Marjorie Moore

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    I recently lost my daughter back in 2/12/18, from a drug overdose, she left behind 3 beautiful children and myself and a brother, iim new to the site, i want to know how to deal with the lss.
  2. griefic

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    Marjorie, I am so very sorry for your loss. We recognize that you are not only trying to figure out how to cope with this loss but how to care for everyone else through it as well. I'm sure her children are a bright and beautiful light for you, but I imagine you always feel a great responsibility in trying to help them cope. We address this in the following blog, "How to Be Supportive When You're Grieving Too": http://www.griefincommon.com/blog/supportive-youre-grieving/. I hope it could be a help to you. We're so glad to have you here. There are people who understand...I hope you find the help you need~
  3. Yenna

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    Marjorie I am so sorry for your loss. I too am struggling with my grief. My daughter left her husband of 19 years and two teenage boys. I hurt even more when they hurt. It sounds as if you understand that all too well. I am going to read the blog post referenced above. Was it helpful?
  4. Renisea Avery

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    I want to give my condolence to the family. I am so sorry for the lost of your love one.
    May the peace of God that excels all thought I sustain and keep you during the difficult days head. – Philippians 4:7
  5. KJ-Kathy

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    Marjorie, So sorry for your loss. I lost my son to what we believe was an overdose a little over a month ago, our loss is so deep and painful. I hope you will find some comfort through this site, I don't feel so alone when I read and interact with others who are in similar situations.