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Discussion in 'Loss of a Parent' started by ScottinWI, Feb 16, 2020.

  1. ScottinWI

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    I found my mom dead in our home. I tried CPR until EMS arrived which was 20 minutes. I haven't been right since!
  2. Schwambnicki

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    Hugs . I grew up in WI. I am so sorry you had to see that. My mom died, they did CPR for 6 hours before the pronounced her dead, I saw her in the ER when she was already gone. You and your mom lives together?
  3. ScottinWI

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    both my parents live with me lived with me they both died my mom this year my dad last year so taking care of them both and watching what went on took a hard toll so sorry for your loss as well
  4. Ebaran00

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    I’m so sorry ; ❤️❤️❤️ Can relate on some level I was taking care of my Mom lost her a few months ago she was my closest friend ; I feel your pain sending good energy
  5. Ebaran00

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    My Mom had ovarian cancer stage 3 b practically 4 it came out of nowhere for 2 years she fought bravely ; was at every appointment it became a mission to save her life ; but this cancer is a piece of ...; and kept coming back ; to soon to go for her
  6. ScottinWI

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    I'm so sorry for your loss! I wish I could turn back time for both our mothers. I know I would do things differently. I tried so hard to save her, but failed hard. I cry every day. Hope you have people to help you through this nightmare!
  7. Ebaran00

    Ebaran00 Member

    I have at least soMe people not the amount I’d like but thankfully not alone ; hope same for you .. I can’t imagine this reality being easy ; there has to be more to this then just life and death
  8. segasan

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    I am very sorry for your loss. Nothing like the love of a Mother. Be well.
  9. puffy319

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    Hi my name is Sheila and it is my first time trying this so I may do it wrong. I lost my mom 2 days ago. I am heartbroken because I cannot go to her funeral in NY with the COVID 19 virus running rampid. Both my husband and me have conditions that are dangerous; me asthma, him diabetic, mild asthma and AFIB. I am 61 and he is 58. I have one sister who is in Brooklyn and she'll do the funeral without me tomorrow. It hurts since I cant be there until this virus passes. I got alot of support thru my husband, a therapist and a psychiatrist, and my daughter and other friends. Yet I don't want to become a burden and cry all the time. My mom had dementia for over 10 years . I know logically her life at the end was awful. Yet it still hurts. WE lost my dad on April 5, 2011 and that broke my heart too. Don't know how to cope.
  10. David Hughes

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    When your mother passes it is tragic. Then to not be able to be there at her funeral has to be heartbreaking. I am sorry both you and your husband are also touched with health problems.

    Please don’t worry where you posted this personal message, it is straight from your heart to us all here. I know moms are someone we come to cherish, they gave us life, they guided us, they were our guardians as we grew up.

    We are in such terrible times and are faced to sacrifice so much, including some personal freedoms. But just know, being away from others helps us all to try and stop this virus that takes so many of us away from our lives.

    You are not a burden, and the pain that you now have is from your personal loss. It won’t be easy to face, it won’t be easy to overcome, but as you cry and open up those emotions you hold so tight inside yourself are what hold us all back from recovering from loss.

    Also sorry for your dad’s passing as well. How you cope is to try to talk with others, allow yourself to talk, tell of your good memories you shared with them. No words you speak are ever wrong, and never feel you are unable to express yourself. We hold so many emotions inside, as we experience life, some are just hard to talk about.

    We will listen, we understand loss is something no one wishes to ever experience in life. So take your time to grieve. Peace be with you tonight and all days forward.