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Loss of mom - complicated grief

Discussion in 'Loss of a Parent' started by Kb26, Feb 1, 2021.

  1. Kb26

    Kb26 New Member

    Hi all I’m new here. I lost my mom suddenly to a brain aneurysm in October and unfortunately got so wrapped up in my 8 month old baby (first time mom) and dealing with affairs that I now realize I have been avoiding and holding in my grief. It’s now starting to come out in the form of physical symptoms overwhelming anxiety, high blood pressure, and stress.

    I’m not sure what I’m doing or how to grieve. I’m not sure how to open up and let it out like people keep telling me. In the last week I’ve had 2 panic attacks where I will say things like I miss my mom or I’m angry she’s gone when I’m sobbing. These are feelings I didn’t know I had in me until those breaking points. I did one time this week allow myself to cry at work when I felt sad and missed her.

    id like to learn how to have this come out in ways that are healthy not just when I’m having a panic attack. I guess the general gist is I’m not sure what I’m doing with grief and feeling a little anxious and lost. Thanks for reading.
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  2. Fireking

    Fireking New Member

    Hey KB
    So sorry for your loss. I just lost my mother 4 days ago at the young age of 63.
    Being 41 myself I have always known that her death would soon come however I still wasn't prepared.
    Such a horrible horrible time for me and my family. Mom was the glue that kept us together. Now the slow process of trying to grieve while making sure all her wishes and finances are in order.

    It will always be a long road. But it will never be taken alone.
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  3. LonelyLexi805

    LonelyLexi805 Member

    I too lost my father a few days ago . I still wake up thinking I dreamed all of this and the harsh real things me when I go looking for him . It’s hard when you see other people living their lives as though our loss is insignificant but I try to push on and move forward . I know I’ll never forget my father and that’s what matters .
  4. Flwrgrl

    Flwrgrl New Member

    i to lost my mom to a brain aneurysm and it was in may and i still have such a hard time i still see her laying in the floor : ( it overwhelms me at times takes my breath away horrible ,
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  5. Nikki_legend

    Nikki_legend New Member

    I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I am in the same boat as you. I lost my mom to an aneurysm over the new year holiday. I have an 18mo old baby and I am just so deviated that I won't be able to share my sweet kiddos with her. You never expect your mama is going to go like that. It's hard to except. Just know you are not alone.