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Loss of fiance due to overdose

Discussion in 'Loss from Substance Abuse' started by Katiebug17, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. Katiebug17

    Katiebug17 Member

    Hi Everyone !
    My name is Katie . I'm 24 years old and 7 months pregnant with a little girl . Almost a month ago I lost my fiance due to a drug overdose . Life has been extremely tough lately to say the least . I've felt every emotion humanly possibly. My world came crashing down... I lost my best friend, my better half, my future, my soulmate, my everything! There isn't a second I don't think about him . Life is so unfair.

    Sending lots of love to everyone who is going through a tough time .
  2. Jkdaggy

    Jkdaggy New Member

    I lost my fiance to fentanyl addiction 2 weeks ago...
    My whole world is gone.
    Please contact me.
  3. Mariami687

    Mariami687 New Member

    Hi please contact me I also lost my fiancé to addiction two months ago
  4. Kennadi

    Kennadi New Member

    Please contact me. My boyfriend/long life friend of 20 years died almost 3 months ago due to a drug overdose. I don’t know even what drug caused it yet. I’m lost and confused and i felt really connected to your message.. know your not alone ! Reach out to me if you’d like..
  5. yaquiria

    yaquiria Guest

    Hello, I understand the feeling. I just lost my fiance almost two weeks ago to a drug overdose. I really tried so hard to help. We only had 6 years together but we have two kids together. I'm trying to continue with life but its hard at times remembering that he isn't ever coming back home.
  6. Tabetha

    Tabetha New Member

    Hello. I lost my fiance to an overdose. He cared for my 2 kids and I was 2 1/2 months pregnant when he passed. He never got to meet his only child and its a boy not a day goes by where I don't cry over him. Or wait for him to come home from work.