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Loss of 2 family members in less than a month

Discussion in 'Dealing With Multiple Losses' started by Kimmy rosetta, Aug 2, 2021.

  1. Kimmy rosetta

    Kimmy rosetta New Member

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and I hope this is a good place for me.

    On June 28th my dad was taken the hospital with an apparent tumor between his brain and spine. They did surgery to remove the tumor. Apparently, he was somewhat coherent the following day, but barely. Soon after he became non responsive and stayed that way until he passed on July 8th.

    My family of origin did not tell me anything after the initial "dad is in the hospital with a tumor", no one told me what happens to make him go to the hospital in the first place. I guess my siblings decided to cut me out because I had been no contact with my parents since March, (due to my working through my PTSD) and they felt the need to do the same to me. Anyhow, I could not go see my dad in the hospital, because I didn't want the image of him on a ventilator and non responsive to be my last memory of him.

    I was actually surprised when I was included in his obituary to be completely honest.

    Fast forward to July 28th. My dad's sister's husband was in a horrific motorcycle versus pickup truck with trailer accident. My uncle always was incredibly safe, and was wearing his helmet. The truck turned in front of him without yielding to the right of way. My uncle was resuscitated at the scene and lift flighted to the same hospital my dad passed away in. Sadly, my uncle passed away on Saturday night.

    With my major depressive disorder, and this grief, I'm at the end of my rope. I just can't take any more bad news. I want to be happy and healthy and not be extremely depressed all the time.
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  3. Strawberry

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    there is no better way. My brother passed away from a motorbike accident last year June and my mom went to hospital a week later and she passed away. The pain of losing 2 family members is beyond anyone human imagination. All I can tell you is take it one day at a time. Focus on surviving a day. I started focussing on surviving an hour then gratually moved to a day. Now I’m still on one day at a time. Some days are better than others but God is faithful. I hope he gives you strength daily.
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    Boopdann New Member

    I understand depression for the first time in my life. Actually, this by far the worse time in my life too.
    April 7th of this year, My parents went to casino to celebrate their 60th anniversary. My healthy Dad collapse and was unresponsive. Ambulance came, took him to hospital. Mom called me in Texas. I drove to Louisiana in time to see my Dad. He bled to death somehow internally. His heart didn’t have any blood left in it. He died April 8th.
    I had to rush back home because my husband was a stage 4 cancer patient, lungs, esophagus and lymph nodes. His oxygen had dropped too low. I got him stable and he continued treatment at home. Next time it dropped. I was rushing him to hospital an hour away. He started having seizures in the vehicle, in which he had never had one before. Ambulance came, rushed him to icu. Test showed Massive cancer in brain causing the seizures. He ended up on life support and passed April 28th.
    In less than 3 weeks, I lost two people that was my world.
    The grief never ends. I work in an office alone, I come home alone. The kids are all grown and live elsewhere. I have no one to help me when I need help. I am totally alone in a town without family or friends. It’s like I am paralyzed with grief amd dread. I, like you, think that I might someday could have a life. I’m only 57, but am too insecure and afraid to even try. People don’t come around or call to check on me no more. Everyone got on with life and their family routines. I am stuck on what to do