loss my newborn to CHD

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    For 34 weeks during pregnancy I never had any problem, untill we just decided to go to another doctor for just a simple scan. He caught what other doctors and specialist couldnt detect... Her heart was big, after looking into more detailed, she had an abnormal heart. Right atrium bigger than the left, some valves were narrowed, there was leaking.. There was nothing we could do, untill I deliver her. I deliver her at 38 weeks. She came out crying, pink, its impossible to know this little one has an abnormal heart. Then, her breathing start becoming slow, she was put on the ventilator and was alone for one night before tranfering her to the heart specialist. The very next day, she had heart failure, after 6 times of CPR, my little one passed on.
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    My heart goes out to you. Losing a child is the ultimate horror. Remember that she knew your love, she felt your love and let that help sustain you.