Lose of spouse of 43 years

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    My husband died on the morning of our 43rd wedding anniversary after years of medical problems and a disability from an auto accident 9 years earlier. I was his caretaker and at the end, as he wished, he was in hospice at home for 2 1/2 months before he died. The first year I think.I hide my grief by shopping all the time. Halfway into the second year I was fortunate enough to travel some and go to my daughters house and spend time with her, her husband, who is like a son to me and my 2 young grandsons. My son also stops home from time to time. I love going out but when I get home the emptiness hits me hard. Although I talk, text or face time with my children and grandchildren it's like a knife through my heart that I can't discuss the comings and goings of each day with my soul mate. I miss our hugs, kisses, jokes, that facial expression that I know he would have after hearing or seeing something. I look up at the sky or at his chair and talk to him. I cry a lot when no one is around to see. And I die a little every time I see tears in the eyes of my children or grandson because they miss him or wish they could talk to him. I've always been a strong woman. I went through a lot with him over the years of his medical struggles that others would say I don't know how you do it. I try to stay strong for everyone around me but when I'm home alone I cry and I'm weak .I want my soul mate, my companion .I want his input, his suggestions. Alas, I must remind myself he is no longer in pain and he is with us. I will hug him and kiss him and hold him when we are together again.
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    Some say the tear is the love shared and is not weak. Cleansing and the more are the better. Some have commented that they may excuse themselves to a more private setting. I have lost both of the primary women in my life. For a while the fact that our primary home and the family farm were gone. I was frantic that I could not be with my mother. She is in the urn that I chose and is on a dresser in the bedroom. The presence of them and the shared desitions all these are huge. I am not sure how to proceed in that void. Some days have surprises. Some bad days return just maybe not as hard.

    Best to you Jean H.
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    I am so grateful to have found this post. To know I am not losing my mind. 20 months ago I lost my husband from a horrible battle with brain cancer. Of the 7 months he lasted from the time we found out to when he finally rested, 5 of those months he was in a hospital bed in my living room going from being a strong man to the last month in an infant stage, could not even roll over on his own. I grieved for months and then thought and felt I was moving forward. Now suddenly after a very vivid memory (2 weeks ago) of the the day he was diagnosed I feel I have gone backwards. The sadness, depression and anxiety is so strong I had to go on meds. Seeing this has made me see that it is only human, it does NOT mean I am weak, not to give up and yes I can get thru this and once again move ahead. I know he suffered and is now at peace, will I ever be.