Its been a yr and a half... Walking alone

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    I lost my wife May 1st 2018., I was 17 yrs her senior and ended up being her hospice nurse.. This wasn’t supposed to be... I had retired and was looking forward to spending our days together.. She was finishing her masters degree.. Now I’m lost on where to turn .
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    Hello, I lost my husband and best friend of thirty years 7 months ago from cancer. I was his caregiver for the 15 months he was ill. I'm experiencing loneliness for the first time in my life and it hurts. As middle child of nine and mother of two (now grown) this is first time I've lived alone. Thank god for my dog and my work- they get me up and out but I have trouble sleeping and am sick of talking to myself! John and i had so much fun together. He was hilarious! Silly and affectionate and showered me w attention. I miss him terribly. I'd like to meet someone but I'm not my best self right now...I'm depressed. How is this gonna change? I do not know. Maybe I should take a dance class? The only thing impossible is to love and to part. - from A Room w A View
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    I lost my husband in April, we were married 50 years. He was 16 years older so i took care of him till he left. I am the same way if it wasn't for my work and my dogs i am sure i would become more of a recluse . It seems everything i look at, think about it all evolves him but he isn't here anymore. I am not sure if i know how to move forward without him, i married him when i was 16, i have never been alone until now.
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    I lost my wife of 26 years October 3rd. I was her care giver during the summer. She had stage IV breast cancer. I'm 48 and she was 48, to turn 49 last month. I loved her dearly and we would do anything for each other. We met during college and we're inseparable after graduation. We were married and had 2 children. Now I am all alone for the first time in my life. I understand your feelings. It leaves me wondering what to do. Everything in our life was geared for both of us together. I'm really still just numb and lonely as I've never really been on my own. I cry all the time and I truly am tired of crying. It just seems to be how I feel anymore. Everything in our house reminds me of our time spent together. I've considered dating but this on line stuff just doesn't feel right. I can see this being a long haul to recovery.