It's been 2.5 years

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    I lost my sweet baby girl in july 2017 to a tragic accident.
    That November and December both of my grandmothers died, April I had a miscarriage. Then my FAL developed Pancreatic cancer.

    I feel I am finally able to start the talking part of my healing journey.
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    So very sorry for the loss of your daughter. Losing a child you brought life to has to be shattering. I know I am always concerned for both of my sons. Loss is so personal, it means many things to each one of us as we see someone we loved in life pass on.

    I know when my two sons and I struggled with my wife Nadine fighting cancer. Our hopes were dashed so many times. Some prayers went unanswered and so we each were left with our thoughts. It has been 5 years since Nadine has passed.

    I didn’t realize for the longest time why some people keep inside some of the darkest secrets, for fear they will be seen differently. I feel better knowing, I can help them once I know what they face in life, I promise myself they won’t face it alone ever again.

    Sorry you lost both of your grandmothers. I used to spend some weeks each year with my grandparents, they had a house on the ocean, next to a railroad track. My grandfather had been an engineer for the Maine railroad system. His son, my favorite uncle, would also go to work for them one day.

    So many great times you must have had with your grandmothers. My grandmother, on my moms side, loved to cook, baked beans, walnut cakes, you name it. During World War 1 my grandfather was actually a cook during his wartime stint.

    I am sure you must have had many wonderful times with them both. Something that will be with you for the rest of your life. Those memories we both had we can take through life and when we are sad we can remember them and all they meant to us.

    Very sorry for your miscarriage. After dad died, my mom would tell me of hers when she was young, and how she had always wondered who that child might have become. Mom held so much hurt in life, her first husband was a World War 2 casualty. Life is hard to sometimes understand, why things happen, what could have been.

    So sorry for your loss of the ability to have children. I hope the cancer has been taken care of permanently. I know you must be heartbroken. There are many others here at this site who can talk with you as well. If you can talk with a counselor and/or a priest as well would also be helpful.

    I hope you have others to talk with, and family to also speak with, and we will be here for you. Loss is nothing we wish to ever experience, but when it happens if a person can just reach out and ask for help, others will take your hand and talk.

    Peace be with you.


    For the life you had with your daughter

    As the sands of time pass through our lives