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    My son passed on 01/05/2018 unexpectedly it has been so hard did not ever come to my mind that I would make aregments for my son's cremation has been lil over a yr and the hurt is so deep that only a mother that has lost her child would began to understand how painful it is many people say to me in time the pain will get much less hurtful but to be honest that is not a true fact well the love I have for my child I wanted an urn that was,a very special one had to be pretty much to perfect and and that urn was going to become a inspiration to the world this urn was going to keep my son memory and life after death to keep my son's spirit alive and thanks to the person to whom devoted his hands mind and time a person that my son had inspired when here was going to make the bareieved mother so happy that threw this urn the mother could say her son was with her not physically but spiritually as much as the pain is,very deep I know my son is with me at all times coukd not have asked for a better urn than the one that was specially made,for my angel with the hands of friends and loved ones hope this part of the story of life after death will inspire many people and want to have,something special made for their loved ones it has been amazing thanks to God that made,this,happen