I'm lost after losing my son

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    I dont know where to go or who I can trust or where I want to be. My son Brandon was riding his Harley Davidson to my home for lunch 11/25/2016, the day after Thanksgiving. He never made it. A distracted driver in a 1 ton dually truck turned in front of my son as my son was passing some cars. There was no chance of survival. The man walks free due to our corrupt system. I lost my wrongful death lawsuit due to the defense atty hiring liars to testify. See, my son had been in prison for 15 years so the defense held that over our heads. He had only been home for 6 months. I moved next door to him 2 weeks before he was killed. I'm so lost. I dont know where to go or where I need to be or well, I just dont know anything anymore. Getting divorced soon. I'm losing it. Hope someone can help me figure this stuff out. Sorry this is so long. Brandonsmom 20191116_174928.jpg 20191116_174928.jpg