I lost my sister to cancer

Discussion in 'Suicide Loss' started by Mysisterswings123, Mar 24, 2020.

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    The pain is excruciating in my heart. I was there but there are hardly words. She had a beautiful service but her last breathe is in my mind & her suffering.
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    So sorry for your loss. Cancer is so unforgiving.

    Nadine, my wife, lost her two brothers and one of her sisters during our marriage. I was with her each of those terrible times. Words were almost impossible to come by.

    I hope you have someone to lean on, to hold onto. Even if you don’t just open up about it helps others to also share their stories with you as well.

    There is no wrong way to talk about your loss and share. As you talk it helps release some of those built up emotions. It will take time, many tears of perhaps both happiness and sadness.

    I found that as I talked others would also share, and as I read their posts it helped me with my feelings as well.

    I am not sure you are one of faith, but for me, faith has guided me through my life, all the good and all the bad. Sure I never had all my questions answered, but at least I found the asking them helped me as well.

    I found so many people who wanted to help with their words, their gifts of thought, and what they too drew upon from their past experiences with grief. You never realize how much so many of us are alike in so many ways until you open up to them.

    Sharing thoughts has been a healing experience for me as my losses in life has been what seemed like unending at times. Over the course of my travel, both in war, and the military I have encountered so many people who had such a vast wealth of words to heal that you couldn’t help but be amazed at how remarkable some people are in life.

    I hope you will take the time to heal inside. I hope you will find some peace tonight.


    This is a song for your loss

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    This is the most beautiful message & this song touched my heart
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    Thank you for those kind words. I am also happy when I find a song or melody that is related to the one we lost. I hope days will get easier for you and that all those wonderful memories you shared with your sister will flush back into your memory.

    As time passes, your sorrow will be strong, but please just remember it is for the sister you loved so much in life. Take your time slowly, Talk if you wish to, and please never give in to despair. It took me a long time to recover from some losses, we all are the similar in that regard.

    This is a bookmark to just a small sampling of music I gathered as I grieved and moved through the different stages:


    Perhaps there might be something you would like to listen to there and it won't require you to subscribe to listen.

    This song is for you today

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