I lost my Mom

Discussion in 'Loss of a Parent' started by Masha, Oct 17, 2019.

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    She passed away this July. Her last two months she couldn’t leave her bed. I saw her dying day be day. And it was so painful. I took care of her. She was my everything, my best friend. I can’t cope with her death. I was with her when she gone. I saw her last breath. It’s inexpressibly painful. I want to talk with her so much. I just can’t believe this happened.
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    I can't even imagine how hard it must have been to watch your mum passed. My mum died 7th October and I didn't make it to hospital in time to be with her.

    I keep on wanting to call her to speak to her but can't.

    Surround yourself with supportive friends and family to help you day by day.
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    I lost my dad in November 2. I raced to the hospital but didnt make it on time. I saw him
    Only hours before that. He lives with me and my husband and son. I took care of him and can’t get through this. It’s hard to work and even take care of my toddler. I can relate to you.
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    I lost my Mom on Nov 4th. We watched tv together that morning and I put on a series she'd love. I'd seen it before and had to go to work. I knew she'd love the series and that it would keep her glued until I got back.
    I left work early got home finding her playing in the yard with my nephew (2yo). I looked at the tv and saw that she managed to, at least, watch 4 episodes in the 4 hours I was gone. I was pleased. I checked in with my wife but she was asleep. My family of 5 lived with my Mom, by the way.
    My youngest sister and her husband arrived shortly after that and we made quick food for lunch... hot dogs. While I was busy preparing the food my Mom told me that she was going to spend a few days at my sister's place and was going to lock her room door. I was a bit annoyed because my daughter (9) shared the room with and would have to sleep with us now. I didn't show her but I'm sure she could tell.
    She left the kitchen to pack some things for herself but just never returned. She collapsed right in her room's doorway where daughter screamed "Gran, are you okay?". We (Sister, her husband and I) rushed from the tv room to attend to her. We tried to pick her up to move her into the passage, performed CPR but she was gone.
    My eldest daughter called the ambulance but they took too long and we rushed her to the hospital ourselves. The doctors and nurses worked on her for 30 more minutes but she was gone.
    It hurts that she's not here anymore but what's worse is that my sisters don't care and want us out of the house we shared with my Mom. Not that I can't afford my own place but my kids lived here all their lives basically. Their kids are very young with the eldest being 4 yo. My kids, on the other hand, are much older 28, 18 and 9. They understand more of what has happened than the younger ones but their aunts are just so cruel. I have a heart condition myself and all this stress is going to kill me.
    I can't be trying to heal while also trying to win them over to understand that it is our home too.
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    Hugs: I had the same, mom died but I couldn’t make it to the ER in time. It was too late :(