I lost my husband of 25 years to cancer

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    Hi my name is brett.i am 49 years old in November 1.2015 i lost my soulmate and dearest friend my husband tony to a aggressive bladder cancer that spread into his pelvis and into his bones.he was in so much pain that the doctor wouldnt let him leave .because hospice didnt have stronger meds but the hospital did.i havent grieve right at all.i am in a new relationship and my new partner in very understanding ..i hope i can make so friends who i can relate to .hugs brett.. FB_IMG_1527527725628.jpg h
  2. It’s good to see you still think about your ex husband but it’s also good to see you have move on happily . It’s hard seeing a love one go especially in such a painful way but remember now he is being rewarded and living extremely peacefully and happy and I’m sure is now even happier that you have moved on instead of crying and being depressed because they can feel your emotions .