I lost my baby brother and I'm going crazy

Discussion in 'Loss of Sibling' started by Pamela Zavala, Aug 6, 2019.

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    A month tomorrow i lost my baby brother, to suicide by hanging, he was only 15 years old with his whole ahead of him. Ive never experienced such pain in my soul , i feel as if I'm going crazy, my life has taking a change so dramatically that i dont know how to handle this pain, i am so hurt, my soul aches, i am angry and i feel like yelling, kicking,punching and ball out in my room and never come out, i have so many questions and no answers i have so much anger towards my family members and all in silence, no ones knows i feel this way, everyone thinks I'm ok and reality is I'm not, how do i get this anxiety away from me and how do i take this anger out of me?

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    So sorry for the loss of your young brother. The emotions you are feeling are quite normal but you should not be suffering in silence. Try to reach out to your family and friends for support. It might help your anxiety if you express your feelings to your family members because unless they know how you are feeling they cannot help.
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    Thank you for your comforting words..