I lost my adult son a week ago

Discussion in 'Loss of Adult Child' started by Zalost, Jul 6, 2019.

  1. Zalost

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    I could only imagine when I would hear on the news or hear from people that somebody lost a grown child.. I always talk so bad and so compassionate towards the family t but now I'm fortunately I am one of them I lost my son a littlelittl a week ago the pain and sorrow that I feel in my heart I cannot explain people don't understand they say he's in a better place well he's better place would be here on Earth I know we all have to go but why couldn't it have been me..
  2. Zalost

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    I apologize for the misspelling I'm not myself
  3. Evamarie

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    I am so sorry. My son was 41 and i dont know what to do. It was 3 days ago. How can we cope?
  4. Zalost

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    My deepest sympathy to you all so I can tell you how to cope because I cannot cope I cannot accept.. and time does not heal it just gets worse in my opinion and I cannot stand it when people tell me time heels on there's no way you can heal when it's your child if you like we can start communicating talk on the phone maybe we could help one another