I Iost my nan niece and then my mum in 8months

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    I lost my nan niece and my mum all in 8 months.

    My nan died 8 months ago then my niece passed away. I never got time to grief the lost of my nan.

    6 months ago my mum passed at the age of 56 from cancer its spread very fast. My life feels a like its filling apart. I've tried to stay strong for my siblings but i feel like im at breaking point. I've started using drugs & drinking to numb the lost of my mum. I dont have a supportive family. I'm not sure how to help myself out of this.
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    So sorry for all the losses you have experienced in such a short time. Please get help for your drug and drinking problem. It might numb your grief temporarily but in the long run it makes it much worse. I'm sure your nan, niece and mum would not want to see you using drugs and drinking to numb the pain ...they would be very upset. If you want to honor their memory please stop abusing yourself and get help if you cannot do it on your own. Dealing with so much grief in one's life is very difficult but you need to stay strong for yourself and for them. If you do not have a supportive family to help you deal with so much tragedy I would seriously consider getting outside help with a counselor. Wishing you well.
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    Sorry for the late relpy. Thanks for your kind words ☺️.
    I went to the dr couple weeks ago got some pills. Finding it somewhat not as bad as I was b4. I've slowed down alot on my drinking & drug use.