I dont know what do with grief

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    Im sorry everyone this is so long...this is the first time im getting this out. My son's father (Todd) passed away 2 years ago in April. He was only 51. My son saw his dad for early Christmas and our grandsons Birthday in December 2017, he seemed fine. I called Todd on our son's Birthday on March 14th and I joked wow our son is 29! He laughed and we talked, he seemed to have a bad cough. I told him to go to the doctor. He promised he would. We had plans for Easter Todd canceled. Now April 23rd. My son has been calling his dad for a few days with no response, so he goes to his house. My son went to his dad's house. Heartbreaking, he had been hiding that he had terminal cancer and he was alone. Even more heartbreaking, my son found him almost gone. He called me and told me what was going on. This was Monday April 23rd. I got to the house and couldn't take this all in. My son I felt so much pain for Ive got to protect him. Todd, the one I would and did always love. We called Hospice. My son demanded to be the one to give his dad his morphine. He cared for him with so much love and compassion. Todd passed away on Thursday April 26th. My son insisted on carrying his father out. My son needs help, he refuses to talk about it. What do I do I dont know where to start? It's been a fog. I have to help my son and I need help myself.
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    I'm sorry for your loss. Mayb you and your son can go see someone together first and then see them separately. Praying 4 u
    I'm here if you want to talk