I am having trouble with the loss of my Mother's death. I can't seem to move forward

Discussion in 'Finding it Difficult to Move Foward' started by Becky Brown, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. Becky Brown

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    Please give me some guidance.
  2. Becky Brown

    Becky Brown New Member

    Help me. Hello anyone. I am so depressed everday
  3. griefic

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    Becky, I'm so sorry for the loss of your mom. The loss of a parent is significant, yet the effects seem to be overlooked and mostly misunderstood by those around us. Reaching out for support can help and I'm glad you've found us. I do find people get a better response when posting in an existing thread - that will alert anyone who has already commented in that forum. You can also reach out directly to those who have also lost a parent by going to "Make a Connection" and then "Find Others Who Are Grieving". There you'll have the opportunity to search for members based on the criteria that is important to you. Finally, I'm including from our blog an article that I hope you'll find helpful: https://www.griefincommon.com/blog/loss-of-a-parent/.
    We are here to help and if you have further questions about the site or any way that we can be a help to you, please let us know.
    I wish you hope and healing in the days ahead~
  4. LauraJade

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    Becky, here to talk to.

    My mum suddenly died a month ago and the thing I'm struggling with is how quickly the world moves on.

    I have days where I am busy and I purposefully push my mum out of my thoughts because I've had to do something like write her eulogy or buy something for her funeral but always the next day I am hit with this horrible wave of grief that leaves we bed ridden.

    Its horrible but it has lead me to finding this site and trying to talk to others x
  5. Cabu2

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    Hello Becky and fellow members,

    I searching to make connections for support also. I have had nobody in my support system for much too long. I have reached a level of health that is unsustainable , and am desperate to find my way out of this awful, foggy life.
    My grief is extremely complicated and seems to be getting worse. I have been struggling for over 3 years:(. I am unable to understand and comprehend how the experience of my survival through a series of events, has absolutely turned every part of my world, and myself upside down and twisted around continuously. Nobody else seems to understand or try to either. So now I closed up and off. I feel dead inside.

    If you are open and willing to connect, let me know! I realize I can no longer do this alone, and am committed to finding new ways of managing grief more effectively. I am hoping this community can provide the mutual help and support I know will benefit. I am in Wisconsin, but anywhere you are is welcomed! To start, I would most prefer communication with females. Nothing wrong with you, guys, it’s just trauma related to me. I have big trust issues;/

    You can visit my profile to learn more of my story.
    Thank you for reading, and my sincerest love and respect for everyone facing this unintended journey. May you find peace and love through healing and growth.

  6. RLC

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    I am so sorry for your loss, I can feel your pain through your writing. I see you lost your Mom, I’m so sorry. I’m on this site because I suddenly last my soul mate, the love of my life, to a massive heart attack. No warnings, nothing. He was healthy as can be, so we thought. We had beautiful day together, just doing regular things and enjoying life. We had bought everything for our Thanksgiving dinner that day. Got a 20lb turkey. Did yard work, I made us chicken rice soup, visited our daughter. Just everyday things. Out of no where he felt stomach sick, like a virus, then he said it was his chest! They worked hard on him at the hospital but sadly I lost my husband 2 hours after all this began. It will be one full year on 11/17/19. I hate my new life. I’m having trouble being alone and maintaining a house. I hate weekends and nights. But I guess every day and night is difficult. We ran a business together. We were pretty much together 24/7 and loved our lives together. Preparing to retire and travel. Now what? I closed our business and now I’m not working and I miss working along side my husband. I miss the routine, everything.
    I have lost both my parents, so I do know what you’re feeling. But I feel a loss is a loss. It’s the hardest thing to try and muddle through. I haven’t had much of a support system all along. No idea what people think, married 41 years together 44 years, but I’m expected to feel ok after a month? I have 2 children, one 15 minutes away the other in Florida. I live in NY. And I have a few other people, not many though. I can use support and I’d love to try and support you. I have found people on this site do get it. They’re going through exactly the same feeling and know how this feels. People who haven’t lost a close person just don’t know. In fact I’ve had people say very hurtful things, and they don’t even realize it.
    God Bless. Robin
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