I am an almost 40 year old orphan,a newbie to this site, orphaned since 2017. Avoidance grief??

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    Hi! I found this site today from searching online for something I didn’t know I was missing? My dad died in 2011 unexpectedly at age 56. Two days after he passed we were red zoned from our house due to major flood that took out half our town. I was with my
    Mom making funeral arrangements and my husband 2 hours away, was moving our belongings upstairs to try to save what he could.. we eventually ended up moving to the small town I grew up in due to flood. A few years later my mother wAs diagnosed with stage 4 inoperable cancer, which she passed from after a 2 year battle. I was her caregiver and was able to keep her in her home till the end, with the help of hospice. It’s been 2 years since she’s been gone and I still have to deal With my Parents home and all their stuff and I find I cannot even go to the town much less their house. I read about avoidance grief today. I am so depressed but have gotten so good at faking it, that no one really knows. I’ve been feeling myself get worse and know I should seek counsel, but lack of funds and time limit this. Looking here to see if anyone has had similar experiences and idk, maybe someone to chat with that understands.