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How not to miss them when they are so important part of my life

Discussion in 'Loss of Both Parents' started by Palk, Oct 31, 2020.

  1. Palk

    Palk New Member

    I lost my father in 2000. My mother did everything after than. Untill I lost her in July 2020.
    She had shunt in heart and was terminally ill. I did take care of her in the past months. It was difficult but now that I have lost her I have lost the meaning of life.
    Feels helpless and angry that I could not save her.
    I am 30 and I live alone. There are days when I don't know why and how this happened. What should I do next. It feels bad not to think about her. And when I do think about her all I can do is cry.
    I have this wierd pain in my left chest I don't know if this is temporary or will heal with time.