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How do I start all over again?

Discussion in 'LGBT Loss' started by Lambchop, Nov 10, 2020.

  1. Lambchop

    Lambchop New Member

    This is my first post, please be patient with me. I lost my partner, my love of 18 yrs in May of this year. He died of complication from Covid. He spent 20 days in the hospital, all but one day sedated. I spent those days in a fog waiting for the phone to ring with updates. Talk about a roller coaster, some days a glimmer of hope, other days not wanting to accept the reality he wasn't getting better, he was getting worse. The call came from the kind doctor at 3am. He said if we could get to the hospital, he would get us in to say our goodbyes. One of his sisters and I were the first to arrive. As we got suited up the doctor explained how bad things were. All his organs were failing. I will be forever grateful to that doctor for giving us that time to be with my sweet Pumpkin pie. I have to believe he could hear us, that he could feel us squeeze his hand, caress his face one more time.
    I was planning on retiring in about a year from a job that has become so difficult to do. I couldn't wait to get back to work just for the distraction. I am so blessed to have the support of my work family. They have been so awesome in so many ways. My boss even sang at the graveside service.
    Well this is the beginning of my story. It was tough getting this into words, I hope to add more at some point, but for now the emotions are running high. Thank you everyone for listening and sharing.