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    It's been 14 weeks since my Jeff passed. The feeling of loneliness overcomes me daily. When the snow melted, it revealed my winter damaged lawn. I felt overwhelmed, we used to work on spring clean up together. I can't bring myself to watch our shows we DVR'd, yet I can't delete them. When I leave work for the day I am anxious to get home, but when I get there it does not feel the same. I am Homesick, does that make since?
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    Yes, you are homesick for your "real" life. My husband died 14 months ago and I still want my "real" life and am tired of having to adjust to this new one thrust upon me with no warning. I understand your pain, which does not help ease it. But it helps to know that you are not alone and that others understand.
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    Saturday August 18th would of been Jeff's 60th Birthday.We always did something fun with the kids and had a BBQ. I was dreading this day until my kids helped me plan a celebration in his honor, we will also be celebrating my 2 Grandson's Birthdays that same day( their birthdays are a week apart). I know this celebration will help heal us. I know Jeff wants us to live our lives make memories and be Happy, which has been hard for me, I seem to get stuck in my grief. I am still Homesick but I feel this gathering will bring me and the kids some peace.
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    I was cooking myself dinner the other day. I finally feel like cooking a hot meal for myself. I was struggling to get the spaghetti sauce jar opened, I set it down and thought, I'll just have to wait until Jeff gets home to get the sauce started.
    It was a fleeting thought but it brought me to my knees in tears. It's been eight months and it still does not feel real.
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    Mary, thank you for checking in. It's amazing how the "littlest" things can be such big triggers. A person who hasn't had a loss would never understand how not being able to open a jar could be so gutting, but here...we get it. I'm glad you're here with us and I hope we can continue to be a help to you. I wish you all the best~