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  1. Chris042116

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    Hi I'm new to this and was hoping to make friends who are dealing with grief as I am. I dont know how to really use this I'm sure I will learn.
  2. Sheila512

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    You will learn. When you are overwhelmed with emption, come here and write it down. Someone will be here to help.

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  3. cg123

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    I am also new to this site having lost my sister who was my best friend just a few days ago. I, too, do not know how to handle the overwhelming sadness and grief. I cannot imagine living my life without her. I feel like I am walking around in a fog.
  4. KJ-Kathy

    KJ-Kathy Active Member

    I lost my son 23 days ago and found this site. It is nice to connect with others, makes me feel less alone. The common thing we all are experiencing is intense pain at our loss. My heart hurts so bad and I am trying to make each day somewhat more bearable than the last, long ways to go but step by step I hope to feel joy again one day.
  5. cg123

    cg123 Well-Known Member

    So sorry for your loss. I know exactly how you are feeling with intense pain and your heart breaking. It is only 2 wks since I lost my sister and it is so hard. Trying to keep myself busy. I, too, am hoping the intense pain lessens but I know it will take time.
  6. KJ-Kathy

    KJ-Kathy Active Member

    I just wish their was a magic answer to make it lessen right now, so hard waiting.
  7. cg123

    cg123 Well-Known Member

    I agree.
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  9. Rose 23

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    I can't believe it's been nearly 2 months since my best friend died.

    I miss him so much, his texts, his voice, his common sense responses to my anxious feelings.

    Completely lost without someone who knows as much as he did about me and loved me anyway ♥️