Happy Mothers Day

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    Part 1

    For all the Mothers still with us.

    Mother's day

    Wind beneath my wings

    What can you say about all your special mothers who tirelessly work no matter what for all your children, and keep families together? If only they one day realize all the monsters you scared away. All the tears you shed for them. All the cuts and bruises you healed, and sealed with a kiss.

    I hope this day will be very special for you. I hope even in this terrible time of isolation life can still be precious for all of you. To you all I bow down in respect and all you represent to us all, your children.


    Part 2

    For all the Mothers no longer with us.

    To me, looking back to mom is amazing. I always wonder how mom's can reach out to us. Over the years the number 444 has been of significance to me. It was the house all us children grew up in last and moved onto from-to our own separate lives. Why I believe this, the number only flashes for a moment, but yet I always see it, even as it passes quickly.

    Over the years, that number 444 would always appear often - in the paper, on tv and on and on in life. Each time it did, I felt it was mom saying hello to me, and I would say 'I Love You" back. I have lost count how often that number has come back into my life, but I am happy it never has never stopped. So when I am missing mom, I know 444 will soon appear again for me.

    Your loving son

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