Grieving Agnostics needing support and friendship

Discussion in 'Life After Caregiving' started by Salgal, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. Salgal

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    For those of us that feel left out from the general population but who's needs are no, others to relate to and the offer friendship
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    I am so sick of hearing that my husband is in a better place. No he's not. His shell is in the ground and his soul is wherever souls go..I hope to a new baby. I will NOT be meeting him again and I do not feel blessed that God called him. I try to be polite to everyone, but it makes me crazy. I need realism to get thought this and I guess I just can't take the giant leap of faith necessary to believe in afterlife. I hope I am wrong and if I am, what a great surprise, but if I am as right as I think I am, I am just no longer afraid of death. I don't want to die now, but it no longer frightens me. I just want to wake up one day and not find that I have been crying in my sleep
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    Hi Sheila,
    It has helped me to look at my dear one's photos that we took over the years and remember the wonderful adventures we had. Also watching some very interesting talks about death and dying and acceptance on U-tube Ted Talks. Having a husband who had Parkinson's for so many years must have been so stressful for both of you and has taken a lot out of your life and energy. It's been 8 months since Richard passed and I am beginning just now to feel the full impact and what it means in my life. We are certainly on a new path where we must find our purpose and meaning while taking in the fact that we were caregivers to a dreadful disease like Parkinson's and we saw the decline first hand every single day. That alone has taken a toll on your life and spirit.
    I believe that your friends and/or relatives say things like they do to bring you some kind of comfort. Their intentions are good but if you don't have the same assurance it can do just the opposite. Maybe you could say to them that you want to remember him while he was with you. be certain that it helps to talk about him to whoever will listen. I know you miss him terribly. It's natural to grieve even in your sleep. Be gentle with you and accept that crying is very natural and good.
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    I'm sure some people say those things because they honestly believe them. Others are simply trying to comfort you. Still others don't really know what to say, so they rely on those standards. I don't know the details related to your husband. If he was sick or suffering, they he certainly no longer is. Sometimes, things just happen and there is no reason for it. I hope you can find peace in whatever you believe.