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    Hello everyone,

    Thank you for sharing your stories, I can identify with your loss. I lost both parents , 2 sisters and a brother in a span of 25 months, I am a nurse and I felt called to be the sole caregiver and hospice nurse to 2 of the 5 family members. My story is 2-fold, the loss of 5 family members and then the loss of 2 friends that I feel in some ways abandoned me through my grief, through the grief and my vulnerability I feel the friends took advantage of me , judged me and I felt very alone. I am doing my best to recover and heal from all the loss. I went to therapy, tried medications, but it didn't help . I thought about going to a grief meeting, but feel as though it's depressing to sit around and hear everyone's stories , just a constant reminder of loss. The only thing I found that works for me and helps me get up in the mornings, is I am staying close to my higher power and I am finding the grace, peace, and comfort to work through this painful time. I love life , its beautiful and yet can be so painful. My prayers are with all of you and I hope we can once again find joy and peace , hugs to all of you. Kelly
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    This is my first time on any site like this. I am struck by several similarities:
    *We are the same age.
    *I too have experienced many losses in a short period of time.
    *I was surprised to lose relationships after the biggest loss of my life...
    *I am a nurse.
    *My middle name is Kelly!
    Just writing this reinforces that I have not had the opportunity to grieve any of my losses. Hands shaking, tears forming... I have been in survival mode. Focused on work... Saying a prayer for you as well. Perhaps we will be able to encourage one another.
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