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    Hello, everyone.

    It's been 9 days since I lost my beloved mom to a terrible, senseless accident. She was crossing the street on green light and was killed by a vehicle in front of my dad. To complicate my enormous grief is the fact that I live half-a-world away from my parents. I was not at the funeral because borders are closed. Im scared to death for my father because he wittnessed the whole thing. I try to push away the thoughts of what that might have been like. Im very traumatized though.

    I had another major grief in my life about 13 years ago with discovery that my son is severely disabled. I never properly grieved for that, I think. So for me it was pushed into my subconcious so I could cope, but periodically, very violently, my grief would breech the surface and knock me flat.

    I was considering grief counseling. For my mom, at the moment, but I quickly discovered weird ambivalence about it. It is like i keep finding reasons to postpone it, telling myself that reading about it is enough. Anyone can give me insight about this?

    Also, would love to hear pros and cons of counseling. What did you find helpul or not? Is it truly worth it? What does it look like? What issues are explored? Thanks in advance.
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    Hi ZenGarden, I'm so sorry for your very tragic loss.
    To begin, it may be helpful to ask this question in an existing forum (as opposed to creating a new one) simply because it alerts those who have already commented.
    Support comes in many forms, and counseling can help in letting you speak about you and your individual issues. Not "just" your loss, but the other experiences you have had in your life and how those contribute to your current grief.
    Grief changes over time and forming a relationship with a counselor can mean having someone to walk this journey with you.
    I do offer grief coaching support and many people find it helpful to find someone to talk to. Even if we're fortunate to have good people in our life, we may find it difficult to have consistent support from loved one's who are able to listen and be present for as long (or as intensely) as we need them to.
    I would be happy to talk to you, if it would help - and you can start with a free 15 minute consultation. Click on the "Grief Coaching" tab to learn more about how it may be a help.
    In the meanwhile, I'm glad you're here - it's a great place to start.
    I wish you the best in the days ahead, and if we can be of further help, please just let me know...
    All my best,
    Grief Coach and Founder of