Grief as Result of Trauma

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    My situation is somewhat different in that what I'm grieving did not die. He is still very much alive and living in "my" home. I lost my career, home of 33 years, friends, and 20 year relationship and at the age of 66 no less, and suddenly. One day I came home to a locked house. When I asked for assistance I learned I was trespassing as the home is now in my partners (husbands) name. Over the next 6 months I was litteralky homeless. I simply could not wrap my brain around what had happened to me. I have since, reinvented myself well thanks to loving daughters. I cry every day still, a year later, but for the loss of life as I knew it. I do not want he, the property back or revenge. I do want my heart back. My therapist says I'm in grief. Fortunantly my health has held out and despite it all I am happily employed. My friend suddenly lost his wife at the same time as this happened to me. I notice he is much further along in his grieving than I, but then, he points out "my wife's death was not done to me...what happened to you was". Can anyone suggest how to move on? Stop the grieving? I feel like I've been thru the 7 steps over and over again. The grief comes in waves. Will it ever end?