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    My 15 year old grandson went for a run, authorizes called and community searched for 2 days. His body was found on the third day. He died from a self-inflicted gun shot. We are devastated. My son and his ex wife are fighting. She had custody of our boy. I know he would not want them fighting. I think I am going insane.
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    I cannot IMAGINE your pain. I am so so sorry. There are just no words. I am on this site because Peter (my darling) died 16 months ago after 10 years of cancer, chemo, and radiation. The grieving will be deep & vast - that you will feel insane. I don't know how you could possibly not feel like you are going insane. All there is to say - is I am so very sorry. I will try to be a help from afar between my tears. It's all I've got.
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    So sorry for your tragic loss. There is nothing as horrible when people are driven to do such an ultimate final moment of their life.

    Your family is angry, lost, and searching for answers, and quite possibly blaming each other. They will need counselling. The sorrow you have is so understandable. Sometimes we just don’t know why, but even if we did have the answer or thought we did, it would not help.

    Your own struggle is disheartening. You should talk to your family, and friends if you can. If any type of professional help is available it would also be good to take advantage of it.

    When I was young, my uncle, dad's brother, who both served after the Pearl Harbor attack were very close. Dad got the call his brother had taken his life, after his wife died the day before. We all sat at the table, my two sisters, my brother, mom and dad and just did not have anything we could say that would make us all feel better.

    The problem with happenings like this is the quickness of how it sometimes happens. It gives us no chance to change it. For the longest time mom and dad would not have words about it, for my uncle and his wife came every Saturday for years to play cards with my parents. Saturdays were never the same ever again.

    I hope you will not give into despair. If you find yourself needing help, reach out and talk it out.

    Peace be with you today.