Four losses in three weeks...

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    I lost a niece...I didn't know her too well, as my brother married his wife when her daughter was 18, we were close to same age and would joke around from time to time. But to see my brother's grief was a great deal. That was March 2nd. March 6th I was notified of the loss of a former student and close friend of my daughter. We were on our way to see my sister as she was being moved to hospice. My sister died the next day. My sister's death was too much for my mother who had been sinking with Dementia for years. My mother passed April 3rd. I'm trying to help my Dad take care of my two children and social distance. I'm broken. I'm a wreck. I'm lost. I'm so alone in this...I'm supposed to keep my chin up and care for everyone. My other sisters cancer has returned and she started Chemo and will then face radiation. I don't know how much more I can take seriously...
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    I am very sorry for all the losses of your mother, sister, niece, and student, you have suffered. So many losses, no matter how close or how far apart tears our heart asunder. Then to also be faced with the cancer of another sister is also disheartening to hear of your plight.

    Your children lost, their grandmother, aunt, and now another sick has to also take a toll of them, and your father losing his wife, a daughter. I would say all of you need each other now more than ever before. At this time in your lives keeping that loss inside each other helps no one.

    It is good you have your dad for support, as you and your family are being drawn together with these losses. You just need to take this time to talk. Keep one another as close as possible. Your sister will be vulnerable now, with the losses and the cancer. Your dad will try to keep his spirits up for not just you, your sister, and his grandchildren. Please don't ever hold those sad moments from them, never stop giving them hugs, your kisses, and your gentle words for one another.

    Loss is such a large moment in our lives to overcome, but with each other it can become easier with time. Please never feel like you don't know what words to ever say for fear of saying the wrong thing, for just by talking and sharing those words are coming straight from your heart. Your words, his words, your sister words, your children's words are so important to one another now - you all need each other in this troubling time in your lives.

    Please watch out for one another. Reach out as often as you need. Peace be with you in the days that follow.


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