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    I lost my beautiful 43 year old daughter to breast cancer February 20, 2018. She had fought this battle over 9 years and had been told in November she was cancer free. I find as the first year is almost over the grieving has become almost overwhelming. Her husband is now planning a marriage, and has tried very hard to alienate my teen age granddaughters from our family. My granddaughters and I have remained close, but it has been difficult. I know this has added to my greif.
    I tell no one of the pain I have daily living without my daughter. So I am exhausted.
    I am hoping to make a connection with someone who has lost an adult child and understands how devastating this is.
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    I'm so sorry for your loss; it's truly heartbreaking. My son passed away March 8, 2018 so I too have a one year anniversary coming up. He was thirty-nine. He was born on my birthday on February 25 he would have been 40. It will be my first birthday alone in 40 years.

    I understand not being able to talk about it. I'm fortunate that my 33 year old daughter is so close to me and we grieve together but I feel like I can't just burden her with my grief too so I try to not overdo it. I have a few close friends who still check on me and my sisters but I feel like I can't overwhelm them with my pain.

    One of the reasons it's so difficult losing an adult child is that their spouses seem like they get all the attention and then for you facing her husband's new marriage so quickly must be painful too. I have a lot of issues with my daughter in law but feel I must put them all aside so I can still have contact with my 4 year old grandson.

    Please feel free to tell me everything you can about your beautiful daughter, I'd love to hear about her. She sounds amazing and so strong to get through everything she faced.