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    My husband, my best friend, my person, my " Safe Harbor " has died. He's gone on ahead of me.
    Two months ago my life was a peaceful, happy, loved filled journey with my best friend.
    Then He was Gone...
    Neither he or I knew what was happening. He said he felt dizzy, then had nausea & vomitting. He didn't have the normal signs they tell you to watch for & react to. It didn't look like an emergency. It looked like breakfast hadn't agreed with him. He sat with his eyes closed at his desk. When I asked if he was okay? He was able to raise both arms above his head while seated to change his shirt himself? He asked me to give him a minute. I was saying we had to check his blood sugar? We did it together. It was fine? He was suddenly diaphorectic but he had vomitted multiple times? He was so calm? Not in any pain?
    I suggested we have him go into the livingroom & get comfortable in his sofa recliner? He didn't move. I ask him again & he says
    " yeah, yeah." He didn't move? Then he tries to move, looks at me & says " I can't get up!" He couldn't coordinate his hands, arms, legs or body to stand up.
    Now, I'm concerned. He is too.
    I called ambulance, they did an EKG & said they didn't like what it was doing? They didn't tell us that he was having a Stroke. He's having a Hemorrhagic Stroke!
    I gave him a kiss on the cheek & told him I would follow the ambulance & see him at the hospital shortly. That was the last time I saw him conscious. He died within a matter of hours.
    He wasn't in pain. He wasn't aware. He was kept comfortable.
    I got to be with him, hold him & talk to him until he passed on.
    I feel very sad & overwhelmed.
    Our world has disappeared.
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    I'm so sorry. It is very hard when all your dreams and plans disappear in a moment.

    On June 21 my fiance and I were on a sunday drive when she said "I just felt a wave of" and cut of and gurgled her left arm tensed and cutoff. I pulled over tried to get her to talk. when she didn't come too, I drove straight to the hospital and she wasn't breathing and had no pulse. THey worked on her for 45 minutes and called her. Now nothing is the same. I shattered. I completely understand the overwhelming feelings.
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    I lost my husband 2 months ago yesterday and I am so lost without him . My heart goes out to you and I am so grateful to find this site to have others to talk to that understand what's it's like. So many friends and family try hard to help bit unless they have experienced it there really is no way to understand fully what it feels like .