Feeling like everybody forgot about me?

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  1. ainie

    ainie Member

    Yes, how to make a new life is so hard to even think of. We never asked for a new life. I think most here are like me...I just want my old life back!!!!!
  2. Brendameister

    Brendameister Member

    Making a new life after 27 years just seems impossible and like everyone the holidays are the worst.
  3. RLC

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    We all had such wonderful lives and now we’re all suffering. So unfair. The holidays approaching are the worst. Life isn’t bad enough right now, but now we have to navigate through the holidays some how. I feel invisible, like no one even knows I exist. Other then my children. They just don’t get it, they’re not suffering. But feeling forgotten after having such wonderful spouses that cared for us so much and now no one care, that just feels awful! I want my husband back, my life back. I don’t want anything else.
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