Everyone is gone...

Discussion in 'Dealing With Multiple Losses' started by Christy_marie, May 30, 2019.

  1. Christy_marie

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    In the past 12 months I have lost my fave uncle, my 2 grandmothers, step father, my 2nd younger brother, my mother, my mother in law of 20 years and 3 days ago my 1st younger brother. Ive shed some tears...but right now I feel nothing. Not a void. Not a hole anymore. Just nothing.
  2. Avi

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    Hey, Christy. How is your weekend treating you? I can't say I blame you for not being able to feel anything. The human brain is a bastard sometimes with survival, isn't it? What kind of gardening do you like? Are you a flower girl or do you like to grow your own food? What kinds? What kinds of books do you like to read? I would love to have my own room dedicated to walls and walls of plants where I can read my books! I normally read non-fiction. Lord knows I do try to explore the fantasy world but I always get distracted. The idea of being in the forest camping or on the beach reading some World Of Warcraft books sounds splendid. Actually, now that I've talked this out I think I might have to do that. It's hard to do anything. You start to think you're doing okay but then something reminds you of how much of yourself you've lost. Here if you need an ear to listen.
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    That is a lot of loss, I don't have any way to make you feel better but you've been heard. I'm so sorry.