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Death of my son Joe

Discussion in 'Loss of Child' started by So very sad, Nov 30, 2019.

  1. So very sad

    So very sad New Member

    My son Joseph (Joe) 43 yrs old passed away November 17, 2019. But, that's not quite true, we don't know the exact day he died.

    The coroner stated "he passed approximately 6 days ago" on November 17, and he died of "natural causes", so it was not a suicide, and no drugs or alcohol were in his system. The coroner said "his heart just stopped". Only God knows ... when He decided to take Joe to be back with Him. The coroner entered November 17, 2019 as his death date.

    My daughter is also gone. She died from a tragic accident with a train in October 2010.

    I am divorced and have no significant other. I work a 40 hr week job. I only worked three days this past week. Sunday will be two weeks since his estranged family found his body. My ex husband called her and asked her to go check up on Joe because she was only 35 miles away from where he lived. I too had been trying for days to reach him on the phone. She and Joe's two sons are the ones who found him.

    Joe and his wife were separated--and had been for 8 years, but he kept in touch with his sons by phone only.
    They were not legally separated through the Court. Joe paid child support. She refused to sign the divorce papers. Instead she chose another man to live with her shortly after the separation. Joe had no idea as to what her intentions were.

    She has exiled me from knowing my grandsons. She would not drive his boys to see him. She will not return my phone calls since the death. She is just a very cruel person.

    So very sad
  2. Jaenette

    Jaenette Member

    I am so sorry for your losses. And now having to deal with not getting to know your grandsons, that is terrible. I am also going through loss. I will pray for you and hope that peace finds us both.