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    It's coming up on my son's birthday and Easter was his favorite holiday and almost a year anniversary all at once. Hitting me hard
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    Hi Ducky, I am so sorry for your loss. Coping with grief and loss is hard every single day but the anniversaries and special occasions can be even harder. I find many grievers I speak to like to have some plan in place for these tough days, especially if there's some way they can use that time to honor and remember the one they love and lost. If you want to spend the time alone - be sure you have the space you need to do that. If you'd prefer to make it a time for family and friends, be sure you let others know what would help you best at this time. I have an article from our blog that may be of some help. I'm including that here:
    Thank you for being here, I hope we can be a help. Please take care~