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    Lost my husband to cancer I was his wife caregiver watched and him suffer through countless surgeries chemo treatments stem cell rescue constant pain as the cancer spread to his brain , he was just 45. I find that every pain I have was his pain. I'm scared all the time that will be sick too. I have severe anxiety of doctors and hospitals. We spent so much time in hospitals I have nightmares . Has anyone else experience this. I feel like I'm scared 24/7. Everyone tells me go to doctors, I just can't the fear is unbearable. Has anyone else felt like this ?
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    Scorpio. I believe that is called avoidance. You are running from what? You don't know so why do you think that what you find out will be your worst nightmare? Maybe you need some professional help or maybe a tiny does of ant-anxiety meds. There is probably nothing wrong and you will feel so free after you go to the doctor and get a check up! Take a friend with you to the doctor. Don't do it alone. Peace