Best friend of 45 years

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    About a year and a half ago my best buddy for life died in a motorcycle accident. He was 64 and I was 63 at the time. He was a heart transplant recipient of over seven years so we think he may have had some kind of episode to cause him to go off the road. He was married to his second wife and they both have grown children. Just about a year prior to his passing he and his wife had purchased and renovated a house just a few blocks from ours allowing us to spend a lot more time together. I surely do miss our talks and his wisdom and fun. We always laughed a lot. That’s about it for now, thank you.
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    Thank you for sharing with us - I am so sorry for your loss. There are people in our lives and friendships that are just so special that their loss is very impactful and it can be very hard to cope. Sometimes sharing our story with those who understand can make a difference. I'm glad you're reaching out and hope it can be a help~