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Beautiful Song. About grief. (very emotional)

Discussion in 'Coping After a Sudden Loss' started by musicgirl, Apr 2, 2020.

  1. musicgirl

    musicgirl New Member

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  2. David Hughes

    David Hughes Well-Known Member


    Beautiful song for sure. I used it once so far. Thank you!

    Those words are so true. All the 'if only' we all wish could happen after loss.

    It is wonderful you picked such a marvelous name. Music is what drives so many of us in our lives. We take it with us through all our lives. We live through it. We express ourselves with it. We give comfort with it.

    Today with such fears hanging over everyones head. It is hard to listen to the news. Pick up a paper to see all the obituaries.

    So while we are shut in we look for ways to make it through the unknown. Some will read. Some will talk to others. Some will fall back on bad habits. Still others will watch tv. Then there are those who put a headset on and listen to music. That is me and I am sure a whole lot more of us.

    Peace be with you today. If you wish to talk further. I will listen as others will as well.


    This music come to life with this artist

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  3. musicgirl

    musicgirl New Member

    Hi david, wow!!!! D-Sharp really knocked me over. Fabulous!! I found a violin duo Black Violin when I watched Panorama. They’re good- not as gorgeous as D-Sharp but really good. Thanks for sharing.
    I know what you mean by being shut in. I find myself , at times, anxious, angry and overloaded. Other times, I’m loving all the great music I listen to and walking my dig, doing photo editing. What makes you happiest during this lockdown? Are you dealing with your grief as well as the “lockdown syndrome”. I just made that up. I love words.

    I live near Chicago so we haven’t gotten as many warm days as I’d like!!

    I find it’s still heartbreaking when I think of my late dear husband even after he’s been in heaven for eight years now. I already cried today, in fact. I’m missing him a lot, as usual. But I’m determined to cry less and live more.

    I’m getting there. I’m haunted by “I should have done this or that. As well as grieving, I’m learning a lot from the grief.

    What other music do you like? I’m always looking for more to fill my heart. I’m amazed by the genius in composition. So many of the musicians I like have that characteristic in their song writing.

    Here’s a song that I love. It’s See You On the Other side by Shaun Canon. A good last name for a music artist. Ha ha. Https:.youtu.be/5ejeBAY8b-k. I like almost every genre of music. I hope you like it. It’s beautiful and sad and hopeful.

    thank you so much for writing to me. I ramble in, I know, so again, thank you.
  4. David Hughes

    David Hughes Well-Known Member


    As I was grieving for my wife Nadine, I was trying to find a way to stay alive for my two sons. I couldn’t share my pain with them anymore, I knew it hurt them even more.

    In this thread https://www.griefincommon.com/threads/sudden-surreal-blank-canvas.1697/page-2

    Post #22 on that page by me the first 4 paragraphs tell you why.

    So I started creating a library, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkOiFVSICXoJFxZsKk4micA/playlists?view_as=new+visitor in life I had a collection of over 3k vinyls, cassettes, 8 tracks, tape recordings. I eventually sold it to my brother during my poor college years for my pregnant wife. .

    So I looked for ways to survive. I watched tons of home videos, opened all the photo albums, watched all the carousel slides. I got serious, I turned on the tv and went to the Youtube.com videos. So day after day, I listened to music.

    Minutes, hours, days and yes weeks past and so I listened to violin solely at first from so many artists. Then my taste expanded and I jumped to singing as well.

    I also watched wedding proposal videos, why I don’t know, they made me happy and there were so many catchy songs in each of them all. Then I watched animal rescue videos and it is at that point I made a thread called ‘Good In The World’. My intent was to show others hope is not lost. Faith in humanity is still there. By the time I finished that series I had also created a Part 2 and Part 3 and made posts for others to view.

    So I had a purpose now, I could make myself feel better by trying to help others at the same time. Trouble was, I only got one comment but many views. I guess it served a purpose if nothing else than helping me, and hopefully some others.

    D Sharp along with all the other artists having given me joy fighting my sorrow. While shut in I keep busy at my computer, and also have to have my coffee too :>) Then I head to tv, see what I have taped, see if there is anything happening via taped news, weather etc.

    I then settled into my comfortable chair, raised up my legs (awesome chair) and started to feed my soul food from music, entertainment, news. I take a break to read the local paper. My routine lasts until roughly 10 pm. It restarts the next day anywhere from 3-6 in the morning. I have other chores but not important.

    I am from Maine, born here, toured the world via the military 12 years 7 months. Left after hurting my knees on a cement fall. Now have yearly shots in both knees for arthritis.

    When my wife was in hospice, she said an angel visited her and told her in heaven she would take care of all the unwanted children. She has been gone 5 years this month.

    Last July, near her birthday I had a dream and remembered it. A spirit, all of white was sleeping on my chest, I felt comforted by that, and believe it was her helping me to get past my grief for her, for it was from that point forward I could no longer hold back my thoughts, my hurt and eventually one day it was as if a weight that had been lifted off my shoulders.

    My thoughts were now clearer, I no longer felt like a totally broken person inside. In short I keep my music with me each and every day and pass it on hoping to help others.

    I was raised on music. My mom would sing to us, we would listen to her, and all the songs she watched on tv. As time grew, I listened intently to music of all types.

    In junior high a black man sang Moon River, it affected everyone emotionally. I knew music would always be a part of me. Music took so many forms as I grew. From the Rock and Roll days, to the Vietnam protest days (my brother and I served two tours in Vietnam).

    My wife was a country girl through and through, I was a classic rock guy. We tolerated each other's music. I have listened to so many artists and that is why my collection was so vast.

    I will say during college, I could not stand classical. I eventually found the error of my ways and warmed to classical one day. Musically speaking, I love blues, I love drama, I love stories, I love protest, I love so many forms there is no favorite so to speak. I learned how artists put their heart and soul into what they create and so to me it makes the music more enjoyable.

    Yes, I no longer limit myself and also listen to everyone now. Life is funny how we grow as we age. We remove those hangups, those ideas that we avoided as we grew.

    Yes It’s See You On the Other side is fantastic, he is good. It has been peaceful talking with you. I hope we shall continue. If you wish to know more click my icon picture and to the right of the date is all my posts, click it and you can find all the posts I have made here.

    Thank you as well. Peace be with you and the days that follow you. May your heart, mind and soul heal and may God bless you in life forward.


    To those who have given their lives to us all