Anxiety attacks/ panic attacks..will they end??

Discussion in 'Loss of Spouse' started by Michael beck, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. Michael beck

    Michael beck Well-Known Member

    Its been about or over a week since my last anxiety attack..
    This one came out of nowheres...and ive gor to say its really scary for this to happen to me when I have never jad this issue my entire life.losing my windy has really simply taken the lite out of my world.shouldnt be loke this ive got my kids and grandbabys to help and they are a lite but not the same..not at all..windy was ans is my life..
    I miss her bad ...its coming up on the first month since windy. Passed and her birthday is the 14th of Aug. And me and the kids are plabning a celebration of her life..
    I only hope i can keep it together for their sakes..
    I prey god will hold me up as well as windy..i know she'll be there
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  2. Jeffsjohnson

    Jeffsjohnson Member

    I know the of constantly being unsettled. A wise person told me that grief will come in waves. Sometimes you're on the crest and sometimes you'll be in the bottom of the trough. When I'm in the trough I'm nervous & panicky. There will always be ups and downs. I'm told that over time the sea calms a little, but will always have some waves, hopefully just not as high and low.
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  3. Michael beck

    Michael beck Well-Known Member

    That is a good way of saying it..
    In waves..some well mist days I'm in the dock and the boat is tied to the pier...all smooth..
    Then others like yesterday im out at sea and its a hurricane like waves..
    What scares me is not knowing what may or may not trigger it..
    A smell..
    A thought.
    A song
    Could be anuthing that reminds me of windy and im scared it'll go to far on me
    Meaning I wont be able to stop it .i can now I know how to do the breathing and try to relax things. And I prey. Ask god to help me
    I'm just affraid the next time I won't.and that in itself may start another ..
    Its a vecious cycle. Something I myself personally just like everyone else . in their own way has had to deal with what im experiencing..
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  4. CRWyman

    CRWyman New Member

    Lost my husband a month ago,

    Still have random panic attacks. It creeps up on me out of nowhere.

    How do you deal with it?
  5. Michael beck

    Michael beck Well-Known Member

    I am so sorry for your loss..
    The 17 will be two months since my wife passed and my attacks have not happened on about a month.
    With me I would have to separate myself from others and if possible set in front of a fan to cool off.. Or just go for a walk alone and do a lot of deep breathing to calm myself.
    It is rough to get over at times.
    But yes they will creep up on you just be aware of your feelings and you'll get through them.
    I definatly prey a lot and that helps to calm me as well..
    I hurt a lot missing windy but. I have somewhat come to turms that she is gone but not ever forgotten.

    Keep your faith ..fsmily and friends..
    God bless
  6. Jeffsjohnson

    Jeffsjohnson Member

    Whatever you do don’t fall in the alcohol trap. It doesn’t work and actually disturbs your sleep, which is what you need more. Talk to your doctor like I did. I said I didn’t want to medicate my way out of this, so he gave something light, short term, with a limited month or two end point