Another afterlife question.

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    This isolation is hard. I’m lost in our house with my thoughts. Thoughts of our fight Christmas Eve. Thoughts of the my stupid grudge on Christmas Day. Happy that i asked if we were okay the 26th. And your side eye roll knowing I always overreact. I’m glad for the week after. The stupid moments we had. The stupid fun moments. Who knew not even a month later you would leave me. I love you. I hope you know how much I love you. I can’t wait to see you again. God I hope the afterlife isn’t just a myth. I’ve been looking it up all the time. Guess I’m looking for what you all think. Will we meet again. Does she know how much I love her. I want to talk to her so badly. God she is the only one that got me. I just wish she knew how much I love her and miss her. I’ll always missing you. I really wish there was a concrete answer about the afterlife. I love you.
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    There are so many questions about what happens after us. Please just keep talking no matter what.


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    I have to believe that there is an "afterlife" and we will all meet again. That belief keeps me going through the hard times. Wishing you well.
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    You can always talk to her. She will be with you if you invite her in, just not in her past form. I also feel the terrible loss, but this helps me a tiny bit.
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    You are right. I feel her around me but I wonder if it’s all in my head. Then other times it’s a peaceful feeling. There is a million and one things I want to talk to her about. I just want her to be happy. Those sayings such as if I could only have five more minutes or just one more time... I wish I didn’t know the hurt behind those words.
    Thank you for believing.