Am I wrong to think. . .

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    That with 6 others in the
    family, one of them would
    ask, "Want to talk?" It is as
    if not being happy is a
    cardinal sin. My oldest sister
    is of the strongest opinion
    that missing mass when there
    was NO need to is a mortal

    I have to accept them as they
    are but I do not have to buy
    into this and no way allow
    them to ask pointed ?'s as I
    don't ask any1 in the family
    if they go to church. Frankly
    it does not matter to me if
    they do or don't

    They do not seem to realize
    that by talking religion from breakfast to supper
    they unwittingly get others to
    think," Wow how caring."
    Good luck with that.

    I know I am quite angry.

    Not only did I lose my wife
    and a sweet future with her
    but must wonder why a
    sadistic and narcistic
    Guy like Alex Nicolas working
    Public records up in
    Tallahassee had to rat us out
    to the hospital. Sadly enough
    the other two sisters could not
    get Sofia into hospice fast
    enough. I mean she was not
    suffering but the two wicked
    sisters for whatever reason
    had the law on their side.
    No siree Bob she will not
    have a chance to get better !

    Just whst do they think the
    Law will do for them when
    they begin to realize they
    did a horrible thing. They
    will if they had Sofia's best
    interests at heart be spared
    from a guilt and deepest
    of sadness that will
    consume their mind endlessly
    the way my mind have been
    hurt so bad.