Am I the only one who can't sleep?

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    Hello everyone, I lost my mother 3 weeks ago. I haven't slept since, except for 2-3 hours every few days (8 hours per week at best), and that's when I take some sleep-eze or night time cold medication. I was told those sleeping pills would knock me out but they don't. I tried meditation, sleep hypnosis, exercise, keeping busy until I drop... but nothing works. The few times I do sleep, I dream my mom is still alive and all this was just a nightmare, then I wake up and realize the nightmare is reality. I don't want to see a doctor and get hooked on any kind of antidepressant that will numb me (I'm not sick, I'm just grieving). This didn't happen when my father passed away, it was actually the opposite, I slept for weeks on end. I'm wondering if anyone else is going through, or has gone through this? Is insomnia a part of grief? Will I ever properly sleep again?
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    I will say yes and it was one of the worst conditions, Days with none or minimal sleep. So tired in the day. I did remove the stimulants like smoking and a pot of coffee. Went to sleepy time noncaffeine tea. Some melatonin. This helped sometimes. The mental racing self talk. That one perhaps some professional help. So many ways that can be approached. I jokingly said give me an induced coma. Seriously just conversations with friends or trusted people. Anything to distract or take a break from the obsessional thinking. Some much to process so fast. It is going to be this way. As my stages presented no one could stop them. I was fortunate to have friends that could tolerate the mania. I did go to counseling and will go more. As she, my Hospice councilor said we need to speak our truth. Hope this helped.