A Catholic Perspective on Losing A Loved One from Medical "Malpractice"

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    Please visit www.rjoy4u.org for the lastest on me: I am the religious superior of this group - and co-founder of it! My co-founder a monl, nurse, father, foster father, gormet cook, master gardner, jeweler and on and on - at age 72 was taken from us due to what i consider to be medical ignorance, malfeasance and yes, perhaps even malpractice. Yes, he had Heart failure - for many years, but the methods used to improve his life on earth, ended up stopping it completely.

    So, my loss is multi layered. I have known Br. Paul Andre, JSC for 16 years and co-habitated in a monastic setting for the past 12 - so the loss is real, genuine and painful to me - even though I know he is still here - but in a different dimension: I just miss the old dimension - him actually being here - arguing and laughing and teaching me things about nursing, and me teaching him theology and a practical religious Catholic way of life!

    Can anyone resonate with any of this?
    Dialogue is very welcome! Let us help in other in our grief!
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