3:30 am .... even sleeping pills fail

Discussion in 'Coping After a Sudden Loss' started by @APPY, May 21, 2020.

  1. @APPY

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    It's 3:30 am . I hv taken my sleeping pill around 2 hrs back. Still not able to close my eyes. 3 movies on netflix back to back still not helping. I am doing all these just to divert my mind atleast fr few minutes from the excruciating pain of missing my dad . Any other remedy anybody????
  2. Cora1961

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    I used calm plus an over counter sleeping pill. Sometimes it works on the good night. Nothing helps on the bad nights. Good luck
  3. Sweetcole

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    Hey sorry to hear bout your restless nights. I have them too. Have you tried exercising during the day then a warm bath at night. You may have to try a different sleeping pill. Have you tried tylenol pm or tylenol 3. Hope you find a peace mind
  4. Yoga allways help me to some extent. If Ypu couls find some comforting voice on youtube it may allso help.
  5. Senith

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    Try listening to Hypnosis from Youtube. It really works for me.
  6. Liley773

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    I use True Calm and also am finding that the cbd oil may be working....I tried 250mg liquid first and it's just starting to kick in I think during the day.. I tried a 500mg dose yesterday to try and calm my shaking hands and panick attacks. It REALLY made me sleepy. I fought it because it was only 4pm and I was afraid I wouldn't sleep when I went to bed. But the cbd really worked to make me sleepy.
  7. Liley773

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    I like that too Abby.
  8. Liley773

    Liley773 Well-Known Member

    Also Melatonin works at times
  9. Nicole51720

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    I am so sorry for your loss.
    I understand about the insomnia. I have taken sleeping pills and still cant sleep. I have tried herbal remedies as well. No luck. I just keep trying and hoping.
    You Tube really has helped at times as well. Check them out.
    I lost my Dad on the 17th and yet it still feels unreal. Like a bad dream.
    I know it will get better just wishing I could fast forward to when the pain will be less.
    I hope you find solace and restful sleep soon.