Lost one daughter, another is using...

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    I lost my 39 year old daughter to a heroin overdose (laced with fentanyl) on 6/26/17. Since then, my 28 year old daughter spent 5 months in jail for failing a drug test - she is addicted to heroin - got out, stayed out for 1 month, and is now back in after failing another drug test because of heroin. I don't understand how she can even consider using after seeing her sister die, and knowing that her next dose can be her last, and I don't know what to say to her to get her to come to her senses and get into recovery. I'm glad she is back in jail - at least I know she's safe. I still am grieving the loss of my eldest, and this news has just thrown my life into turmoil (and that of my husband and middle daughter, who thankfully is not a drug user). I know all about not enabling this "child". What I want to know is, what can I say/do that will somehow bring her to her senses? I can't stand to lose another daughter.

    Thanks for listening.