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    Jan 1st lost my 34 yr old. She was found during bed check at school for the disabled she attended. Non responsive had to shock her 2 times. She was in CCU when we got there she was on ventilator, her blood pressure was falling and her eyes were fixed and dilated. Dr said she was slowly dying and she would not recover. Took her off vent, she died 15 min later...i feel so empty. I was her legal guardian (dad was absentee dad) I was also for yrs her advocate. Visited her alot. Today would have been with her celebrating her 34th birthday... don't know how to go on ???
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    I am so sorry for your loss, wow I don't mean to rattle you but was there any explanation for even why your daughter was in such a state or what caused this? I am definitely here if you need a listening ear and once again I am so sorry for your loss, I will continue to pray for you and your entire family.
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    I'm so sorry for your loss, I too lost a child, so I understand the place you are in, just take it one day at a time, one minute if you have to, and breathe
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    I have lost my eldest son to suicide 10 months ago, and not coping very well, I also have 3 other adult children and am so tired of the pain and the never ending guilt with everything
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