I'm new here. I lost my husband a USMC Veteran to Suicide in March.

Discussion in 'Suicide Loss' started by Elenna VanMeter, Apr 10, 2017.

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    Hi my name is Elenna and I just lost my husband to suicide in March. After 13 years and many many attempts he finally did it in March in front of me. I am now lonely and I live in Huntington Beach. I just moved here and I am lonely. I am also so messed up from seeing something like that. It has been the hardest time of my life. I had to leave Our home of almost 4 years and now I am looking for friends and people who have been thru what I have. 13 years my whole life revolved around Jason and I never had friends because of him. Now I am alone and lonely. I'm hoping to find people who have been thru what I have and would like to become friends.
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    My name is Denise, I lost my oldest daughter August 5,2013, she was bipolar...I tried ( being an RN to get treatment, but she was resistant and her husband hated all doctors!) She was very smart, a lawyer with a 5 yo daughter. She discouraged me coming to see her, although I was already packed and ready to drive 6 hours to be with her, not knowing what her intentions were, just that she was stressed..I fought with myself about going anyway, but I abided her wish..The next day my son in law called me and told me she took her life! Maybe she had that intention and just didn't want me there to experience the act. I only pray she is at peace now, even though I'm not...I have 2 other adult children and just recently moved to be near with my son and used to having many friends and not working anymore has made it difficult. Life topped me with a brain tumor ( not cancerus) 6 months after her death hence I can't work)..nights are very lonely and depressing (son/daughter in law work all day) but I do get to see my grandson at least twice a week. I don't get to see my daughters child but keep constant contact with her by facetiming and writing letters.
    I too need a friend that feels the pain suicide causes, the what ifs, the whys the loneliness,
  3. Hi my name is Barbara, I lost my husband after 25 years together to suicide I understand what you're going through he did it in front of my daughter and I was right outside the window I have so many woulda, coulda, shouldas. It was 6 months ago and it feels like yesterday. I've Been Told that the first year is the hardest the first Christmas the first birthday 1st anniversary I can only hope that it gets better for you you have all my blessings and prayers.